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Barracks to Bunkers
Barracks to Bunkers
by Peter Longstaff Tyrrell

Subtitle... 250 years of military activity in Sussex
ISBN/Cat.No... 0-709-2908-1
Publication... Sutton Publishing
Format... 190 x 270mm
Status... In stock
Publication Date... 2002
Pages... 126
Price... £ 12.99 inc p & p
best off Amazon - or the library.
Best selling hardback for Sutton. A cross -section of military activity, lavishly illustrated detailing troops and trenchworks, pill-boxes and bunkers, Home Guard to Observer Corps, railways and rifles. Napoleonic times to WWI and WWII. A doodlebug diary to the Cold War sites. Plenty to read and then relate to in the countryside. Unfortunately out of print. Book a copy now.
Contact the author: info@tyrrellsussexbooks.com

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